Connect Twin Farm
Developed ‘Connect Twin Farm’ Technology to apply digital twin to an agriculture
Pollination Bee Detecting Technology
By learning images, the technology sorts out small objects that require high resolution such as bees and pollen
It predicts the growth of fruits & the best timing to change beehive box through the bees’ access and counting pollen
analysis system
based on big data
Offers the analysis information for each greenhouse by one on one customized algorithm and AI technology.
Not only the real-time information, but with the 24 hour forecasting,
farmers can use forecasting data to prevent the issues of crops and increase production.
AI-based Environment & Growth Analysis and Forecasting
  • Today’s first ventilation time is AM 07:10
    You may advance time by 20 minutes of ventilation in AM 06:00
  • Total adequate time is 5 hour.
    Fog system recommended from PM 01:00 (to control humidity)
    Sun screen recommended from PM 03:00
  • Today’s first watering time is AM 08:05
    Transpiration would be active to PM 01:00
  • You’ve chose Generative growth this week.
    Please select next week’s growth.
    Flower, Fruit / Leaf, Stem
  • Estimated harvest date is 24th of May.
    Average of 20g estimated in 1 cluster.
Farmers are concerned in managing farm environment
FARMCONNECT offers customized solution for each farm’s environment,not like other companies just recommending the data from leading farm.
Differentiated Technology
Demonstration Data
Tested only with agricultural data analysis, without investing greenhouse facilities.
The service could be *applied to **most of crops & varieties, no matter the facilities
The condition of crops was improved and the yield increased more than 30%
* Analysis based on common photosynthesis & transpiration of crops
** Available both outdated greenhouses and smartfarms
01Taean Smartfarm management
05Meeting with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Azerbaijan
06Established Buyeo Smartfarm Control Center
08Established Dangjin, Gongju Smartfarm Control Center
11Established Hoengseong Smartfarm Control Center
12Established Damyang Smartfarm Control Center
03Pilot project at greenhouse of the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan
06Reported to the Minister of Agriculture of Azerbaijan, MOU signed with the Ministry
08Analyzed best case farms among 200 farms located in 160 regions
(Service requested by Rural Development Administration of South Korea)
09MOU signed with Chinese horticulture company Zhongnong Futong
11MOU signed with Naru Agriculture Consulting
12MOU signed with Chinese sensor company StringAI
01Won the contract supplying Smartfarm network hardwares to Cheongyang
04Education program for smart farming instructors
(Service requested by Rural Development Administration of South Korea)
05Won the contract of Gwangju for establishing Smartfarm Control Center
06Partnership with Spanish Sensor company ARGOTEC
08Investment from ETRI & ETRI Holdings
08Verified as venture company, established R&D Institute
10Registered as ETRI Research Company (no.1030)
10Exclusive Business Partnership with Azerbaijani company TrendTech
04FARMCONNECT established
05MOU with sensor company providing sensors to 1,000 farms
09Won the contract of Cheongyang for establishing Smartfarm Control Center